Vendemmia: Italian Harvest Time

“Vendemmia” in Italian means “grape harvest” that magical time of year when we begin the process of turning grapes to wine. It’s not nearly as simple as it might seem and even the most basic process of how becomes a difficult decision. Collecting grapes by hand, a costly but frequently used process, ensures only the ripest and healthiest grapes for are selected. Though cost effective, a mechanical machine is less able to distinguish between the best grapes for picking and those that are better left on the vine.

For tourists to Italy, the harvest can be a marvelous time to visit. Foodies who enjoy tastings and experiencing new flavors, a trip to Barone Pizzini Winery is an incredible treat as they are able to witness the birth of the wines, truly from the very beginning.

13015163_1232481653443698_3428064028085785388_nMany factors can influence the harvest and its final product. For example, the President of the Franciacorta Consortium and manager of Barone Pizzini Silvano Brescianini shared that the number of grape bunches and weights would be lower this year because of a sharp drop in nighttime temperatures during the flowering phrase. The grapes themselves are only picked at certain times of the day and even the smallest-seeming details can have a noticeable impact on the flavors of the wine cooler temperatures lead to a more appealing acidic balance in the final product.

If you are interested in traveling to Franciacorta, consider a visit during the harvest time  it’s a unique, unforgettable experience to witness and possibly even participate in the creation of wine.

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