Forbes: “1671 Reasons Why We Will Never Be Bored By Italian Wine”

In her recent Forbes article “1671 Reasons Why We Will Never Be Bored By Italian Wine,” Cathy Huyghe sheds light on a forgotten memento of Italian wine history. A 1905 catalogue details over sixteen hundred varieties of Sardinian wines, many of which have been lost to time.

Huyghe reminds readers that today, only 15 kinds of grapes account for nearly 80% of all French wine, and in California, almost 80% of wine comes from merely eight grapes.

However, Huyghe writes, Italy boasts more than 500 native grapes. Oenophiles will “never be bored” by Italy’s vast array of choices, she claims. Italy’s wine is also locally grown, and each glass bestows the history and culture of the region. Huyghe also praises the entrepreneurial spirit of Italian winemakers, which is evident in the time worn catalogue.

Barone Pizzini and Pievalta exemplify the winemaking process Huyghe champions. Never boring, these wines embody the locally grown, entrepreneurial spirit of Italian winemaking. Not to mention the biodynamic nature of the nectar. A testament to the 1905 catalogue of the past, Barone Pizzini and Pievalta express the joy of Italy’s illustrious drink.

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