“I Speak Art” event features Bob Dylan and Barone Pizzini

Last evening, Remomero Gallery in Beirut, Lebanon, presented “Once upon a time, I was grape,” a special art exhibit presented as part of the “I Speak Art: the art of taste, the taste of art” series. “Once upon a time,” featured artworks by Bob Dylan, as well as wine by Barone Pizzini.

“I Speak Art” is centered upon the theme of taste. All the senses are engaged here, as visual art exhibits are paired with wine degustations and gourmet food tastings.

“Once upon a time, I was grape” displays nine works of art by three different artists from very different backgrounds. Three works from Nobel prize winning musician Bob Dylan’s collection “Drawn Blank” are on view.

Renowned Italian wine philosopher Gaetano Saccoccio was the special guest of the evening, enlightening guests with a tasting of Barone Pizzini’s award winning wines, including:

  • Animante Barone Pizzini (winner of 1st organic spumante in 2016)
  • Edizione Barone Pizzini (organic spumante rosé)
  • Sancti Blasii Colline San Biagio (red wine Carmignano DOCG, Tuscany)

“Once upon a time, I was grape,” is a testament to the power of art and its many forms. From visual imagery to the delectable taste of a Barone Pizzini wine, art is on full display at Remomero Gallery.

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