Go Organic This Holiday Season

Let’s ring in some holiday cheer! Snow, Santa, dreidels and festivities will soon usher in the holiday season. Kitchens are abuzz with families preparing traditional, tried and true classics for a bountiful holiday feast. Why not serve your dishes with an organic twist?

Barone Pizzini and Pievalta offer several options to grace your holiday meal. Barone Pizzini, the first winery in the Franciacorta area in northern Italy to adopt organic farming, boasts some of Italy’s greatest sparkling wine. Preservation of the land coupled with a long term ecological balance have distinguished Barone Pizzini and Pievalta as influential leaders in organic winemaking.

Solar panels, water purification and a natural cooling system guarantee an environmentally friendly process. The winery’s unique architecture, in which two thirds of the building lie underground, offers a bioclimatic and organic system. Therefore, the winery takes from the Earth and gives back to the wine.

Barone Pizzini’s family of Franciacorta wines will sparkle at holidays feasts. Elevate appetizers with Animante Franciacorta DOCG, Barone Pizzini’s flagship wine. These wines are a jumpstart to your holiday meal.

The Rosé Franciacorta (80% Pinot Noir, 20% Chardonnay) pairs ideally with fish, white meats, cheese and salami. It makes a perfect splash with holiday starters. These two wines make a solid start to holiday dinner parties as well as an excellent range of prix-fixe pairings for organically-driven tasting menus.  

Pair grass-fed lamb with Pievalta’s Marche IGT Rosso. The Marche IGT Rosso is made with Montepulciano grapes, which pairs beautifully with meats, as well as salami and cheese. The deep red wine will bring out the natural flavor of the lamb and the pungent aromas of the charcuterie and cheese.    

Celebrate this holiday season with family, friends, and healthy holiday cheer.  Complement your holiday feast with award winning organic wines from Barone Pizzini and Pievalta.  

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