Forbes: “Bubbly On A Budget: Best Value Sparkling Wines To Try Now”

Sparkling wine was given its long-awaited spotlight in Katie Kelly Bell’s recent Forbes article, “Bubbly On A  Budget: Best Value Sparkling Wines To Try Now.”

Bell starts off by defining the distinction between sparkling wine and champagne, two terms that are often mistakenly used interchangeably.  While the method of production for both could be exactly the same, sparkling wine is “a general term used to characterize bubbly” whereas, champagne is “a bubbly [that] must be made within the confines of France’s Champagne region” and must be made in the ‘traditional method’ or Methode Champenoise.

The article captures the rising popularity and accessibility of sparkling wines from around the globe, including regions ranging from California to Tasmania. Bell recommends that the best place to experiment is at restaurants where there are sommeliers “pouring exciting options by the glass.”

To conclude, Bell provides a list of some of today’s most stunning, yet affordable sparkling wines, highlighting Barone Pizzini’s own Animante Franciacorta Brut. She appreciates Franciacorta’s precise and complex wines, which are not only made in the traditional method but are also from the region’s first certified organic winery. Accordingly, Bell notes Barone Pizzini as being a pioneer in promoting biodiversity and natural farming methods in its region.

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