Lake Iseo Floating Piers

The projects of world-renowned visionaries Christo and Jeanne-Claude have always attracted visitors from far and wide. The Floating Piers at Lake Iseo, connecting two islands normally only reachable by boat, was no exception. The temporary, public art installation was constructed with 70,000 square meters of yellow fabric, carried by a modular floating dock system of 200,000 high-density polyethylene cubes. Some 65,000 people per day made the journey to Lake Iseo for the installation, which closed on July 3, but there are countless reasons to stay on at Lake Iseo.

An ideal day trip from Milan 60 miles away, Lake Iseo is equally easy to reach from Brescia and Bergamo. The Barone Pizzini winery offers a range of opportunities for wine-lovers visiting the region to indulge in a day (or two!) of pleasures. Enjoy a guided tour of the breathtaking landscape with an expert wine guide and relax over tastings of some of the winery’s choice selections grown in the distinctive terroir of Franciacorta. The tastings are accompanied by organic Grana Padano cheese and locally cured meats- only the best to bring out the unique and delicious taste of our wines.

Cantina Barone Pizzini
Barone Pizzini Winery

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More than one reason to raise a glass of Franciacorta this 4th of July

As Americans get ready to fire up their grills and put the finishing touches on their berry pies this this 4th of July, Italians remember a significant event in their own history; the birth of Giuseppe Garibaldi, largely credited with the nineteenth century unification of Italy.sparklingwinefireworks

He was a man after the American founding fathers’ own rhetorical hearts. In an 1854 letter to English liberal politician Joseph Cowen, Garibaldi declared: “My heart is entirely devoted to liberty, universal liberty, national and worldwide – ora e sempre.” (Joseph Garibaldi, Patriot and Soldier).

Garibaldi monuments can now be found in cities and towns throughout Italy, but the first is said to have been erected in 1883 in the town of Iseo – within the production area of Franciacorta.

You can bet that in Lombardy they’ll be drinking Franciacorta this weekend in honor of one of history’s greats. And while in the US July 4th is typically associated with beer or light cocktails, sommeliers agree that wine is a great pair for typical barbecue foods. Franciacorta’s floral acidity goes well with summer fruits and can help cut the fattiness of hamburgers or hot dogs.

So this weekend when you gather with friends around the grill or under the fireworks, pop open a bottle of Barone Pizzini, and together let’s hope for a future worthy of Garibaldi’s aspiration for liberty around the world, ora e sempre.

Artist Christo comes to Franciacorta this summer for his “Floating Piers”

christo franciacorta iseo brescia

In June of this year, the artist Christo will be mounting his next work on Lake Iseo in the heart of Franciacorta, “Floating Piers.”

From June 18 to July 3, 2016, weather permitting, Italy’s Lake Iseo will be reimagined. 70,000 square meters of shimmering yellow fabric, carried by a modular floating dock system of 200,000 high-density polyethylene cubes, will undulate with the movement of the waves as The Floating Piers rise just above the surface of the water.

Visitors will experience this work of art by walking on it from Sulzano to Monte Isola and to the island of San Paolo, which it encircles. The mountains surrounding the lake will offer a bird’s-eye view of The Floating Piers, exposing unnoticed angles and altering perspectives.

A 3-kilometer-long walkway will be created as The Floating Piers extend across the water of Lake Iseo. The piers will be 16 meters wide and approximately 50 centimeters high with sloping sides. The fabric will continue along 1.5 kilometers of pedestrian streets in Sulzano and Peschiera Maraglio.

Click here to read the complete description of the project.

And click here to read the New York Times preview of the work, “Next From Christo: Art That Lets You Walk on Water.”

Pretty cool, right?

Stay tuned for more and stay tuned for more: We will visit the work next year when it comes online.

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