Decanter’s Travel Guide to Franciacorta

Italy’s Franciacorta region is given the royal treatment in Alessandra Piubello’s glowing article, “The Decanter Travel Guide to Franciacorta,featured in the November 2016 issue of Decanter. The natural splendor of this historic territory is on full display. Medieval monasteries, worldrenowned hotels and famed wineries pepper Piubello’s lush portrait of this understated, quietly majestic region.  

The Franciacorta territory, which is located south of Lake Iseo, is home to the eponymous sparkling wine. Made with Chardonnay, Pinot Nero, and Pino Bianco grapes, Franciacorta is one of Italy’s finest sparkling wines. Barone Pizzini, the first winery in Franciacorta to produce DOCG wine from organic grapes, is key to the region’s history, making an appearance in the article’s suggested day planner, “My Perfect Day in Franciacorta.”

Piubello walks readers through a tour of Franciacorta, offering an idyllic escape through this bucolic region. Exploring the medieval villages and rolling hills on foot or by bicycle is recommended as the best way to discover the area’s many charms. The Strada del Vino wine route is an enchanting journey into the world of Franciacorta.    

Admire the colors of the vineyards, explore the ancient castles, and stroll through the peat marshes where flowering lilies bloom.          

Wine is the heart of Franciacorta, and winery tours are accessible to visitors. As well as Barone Pizzini, Piubello suggests Ca’del Bosco, Bellavista and Il Mosnel. La Montina Winery is home to wine tastings as well as a contemporary art gallery. Ricci Curbastro houses an agricultural museum and antiques shop. Nearby Lake Iseo offers sailing and windsurfing, which are popular in summer months.

The article ends on a tempting note: Franciacorta’s most famous dishes are stuffed tench and beef from Rovato. Pairing these dishes with a chilled glass of Franciacorta is well worth the journey.    

Piubello recommends the Franciacorta Festival in June or September but reassures readers that the region is beautiful at any time of year. Franciacorta has something for everyone: natural beauty, outdoor activities, history, culture and, certo, world class wine.  

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