In 2012, Barone Pizzini and Pievalta CEO Silvano Brescianini asked American wine writer and blogger Jeremy Parzen (author of Do Bianchi) to curate a web media program for the winery group’s two brands.

The Barone Pizzini-Pievalta blog is devoted not only to the wineries, the wines, and the people who grow, raise, and bottle them, but also to the appellations themselves and to the culture and ethos — contemporary and historic — that has produced them.

The curators hope is that this blog will become a resource for trade and consumers alike.

No wine is made in a vacuum: the authors believe steadfastly that understanding the origins — the whys, the hows, and the whens — and the context of a given wine is just as vital as is tasting the wine. And they believe that a deeper understanding of a given’s wine context in the universe of wine enhances the sensorial experience and enjoyment there.

To contact Silvano, please click here.

For Jeremy, please click here.

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